How to Change the Oil on a Yamaha V Star 650

by Justin WashUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • 17 mm box wrench

  • 17 mm socket wrench with extension

  • 10 mm hex wrench

  • 5 quarts 20w40 motorcycle oil

  • Oil filter wrench

  • Funnel and flexible tube

  • Replacement oil filter

  • Drain pan

The Yamaha V Star 650 is a bike known for its dependability, comfort and maneuverability. It is one of the most popular motorcycles in the 600 to 1000cc range. Yamaha recommends changing the oil in the V Star 650 every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. Keep your Yamaha running smoothly and save some time and money by changing the engine oil at home.

Ride your Yamaha V Star 650 to warm the bike up to running temperature. Oil should always be changed warm as it will drain more easily out of the crank case. Set the bike on a stand that holds the bike level. Use a center stand if so equipped. Do not, however, use the side stand when performing an oil change as this will not allow all the oil to drain from the bike.

Remove the seat by removing the passenger seat bolt and the two bolts that hold the main seat bracket in place. Remove the oil dipstick from the bike, then place a drain pan underneath the engine of the motorcycle. Use a 17 mm box wrench to remove the first drain bolt, found underneath the crank case, and a 17 mm ratchet and extension to remove the second, found behind the rear suspension. Allow the oil to drain then replace both bolts tightly.

Remove the oil filter at the front of the bike using an oil filter wrench. Lubricate the gasket of the new oil filter with a small bit of engine oil then tighten it onto the oil filter socket. Do not over-tighten the oil filter or you may damage it.

Remove the oil filler plug, found behind the rear cylinder of the engine, with a 10 mm hex wrench. Using a funnel and flexible tubing, add 3.2 quarts of 20w40 motorcycle oil to the crank case. Replace and tighten the oil filler plug.

Add one quart of 20w40 motorcycle oil to the oil filler found underneath the seat. Replace the oil dipstick and start the bike. Allow it to idle for at least five minutes. After the bike has idled, turn it off, check the oil level using the dipstick and add any oil necessary to bring the oil level to the center of the hash-marks on the dipstick.

Replace the seat of your V Star 650, start the bike up and go for a short ride. Remember that a bike will always act differently when idling than when actually being driven; so when you return, check the oil level again. If it has lowered considerably, take your bike to a certified Yamaha motorcycle mechanic to be checked out. If all is well, the bike is good to ride until the next oil change.

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