How to Change the Oil on 2007 Harley-Davidson

by Diane HansenUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Drain bucket

  • 3/8-inch socket wrench

  • Shop rags

  • Oil filter wrench (No. 42311)

  • Oil filter (Part No. 63731-99A or 63798-99A)

  • 4 quarts motor oil (SAE 20W50 or SYN3 synthetic)

Even though motorcycles are remarkably easy to work on because of their easily accessible mechanical parts, for some reason getting a motorcycle serviced can be more expensive than doing so with an automobile. Fortunately, home mechanics can easily change the motor oil on a 2007 Harley-Davidson in less than an hour. All you will require are some basic tools, a few parts from the dealer (which you can order online) and a place to safely dispose of your used motor oil.

Move the Harley to a clean, level surface. Turn off the engine by placing the "Run/Off" selector into the "Off" position. Place the motorcycle in gear to reduce the risk of it moving accidentally.

Find the oil tank drain plug on the underside of the frame, on the right side near the swing arm to the rear. Slide a drain bucket underneath the plug. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt, and allow the motor oil in the engine to drain. Replace the drain plug, and use shop rags to clean any oil that spilled on the floor, engine or frame.

Remove the oil filter which is located on the lower left, forward portion of the engine. Use the oil filter wrench to remove the filter, and allow any oil to drain. Remove the new filter from the box. Locate the black seal on the side that screws into the motorcycle; lubricate this seal by rubbing a small quantity of used motor oil into the seal. Install the new filter, using the oil filter wrench, and clean up any spilled oil with shop rags.

Remove the dipstick from the oil reservoir located on the right side of the motorcycle, near the seat. Add 3 quarts of motor oil to the reservoir. Check the oil level in accordance with your owner's manual. Add more motor oil if required.

Take your used motor oil and filter to an approved recycling center for disposal. Most auto parts stores serve as collection points. Contact the store first to ensure its collection facilities are available to receive used oil.


These instructions were based on a 2007 Heritage Softail model, but the process is similar for other makes.


Failure to use factory-approved motor oil and filters may void your warranty. Consult your dealer if you have any questions.

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