How to Change the Oil in a Toyota Tundra 2008 5.7L

by Elizabeth SobiskiUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Sockets: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

  • Socket wrench with 3/8 inch extension, 3 inches long

  • Oil pan

  • Oil filter wrench, 65mm 14 flute

  • Toyota oil filter kit

  • 7.5 quarts 5W20 oil

While it may seem intimidating to do an oil change on a 2008 Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 liter engine, it really is not that difficult a job. The skid plate that protects the undercarriage, and thereby the oil filter, is designed to come off for access to the underside of the engine. The filter is different, since it is a paper insert replacement instead of the traditional screw on filter and housing combo. The rest of the oil change is standard - drain the old out and put new one in.


Remove the skid plate. There are three screws and five bolts that keep the skid plate in place. Use the 10mm socket on the three smaller screws and the 12mm socket on the five larger bolts. Once these things are removed, push up on the skid plate and move it towards the driver's side of the truck. Then lower it from the truck.

Use the 14mm socket to loosen the drain bolt on the oil pan. After it is loose, finish removing it by hand. Have the oil pan ready, because once that bolt is loose it will start draining. Let the oil drain. Once it has stopped, replace the drain bolt.

Remove the oil filter drain bolt with the 3/8 inch extension and wrench. Some oil will come out, but not much. Use the oil filter drain tool that comes in the Toyota oil filter kit to get as much of the oil out as possible. Wipe everything with a rag.

Using the oil filter wrench and extension, loosen the oil filter cap. Finish removing it by hand. Have the drain pan handy again, because there will be more oil.

Clean up the cap assembly after removing the old paper filter. Insert the new filter, put into place and screw back on. Tighten with the filter wrench.

Fill with oil and check the level with the dipstick. Replace the skid plate.


Run the engine for a few minutes to check oil pressure and to look for leaks.


Safely dispose of all oil. Never pour it on the ground, in the sewer or down the drain. Most service stations and quick lube shops will take the oil for no charge.

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