How to Change the Oil in a Dyna Wide Glide

by Matthew FergusonUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • 5/8-inch socket

  • 3-inch socket extension

  • Oil drain pan

  • Replacement oil (less than 3 quarts without an oil filter change)

  • Oil drain plug O-ring

  • Liquid Teflon plumbers paste

  • Rag

For many, an oil change is strictly the domain of trained professionals. Unfortunately this isn’t always a cheap option, particularly for Harley-Davidson owners. A routine oil change can cost in the neighborhood of $80, and if done at recommended intervals, the Harley owner can expect to spend around $300 on oil changes each year, according to author James Russell in "How to Change the Oil on Your Twin-Cam Harley Davidson Motorcycle". Changing your own oil is a relatively easy way to save both money and time.

Warm the oil first by taking the motorcycle for a short ride around the block. Warm oil flows more easily and will help rid the crankcase sump of contaminants.

Stand the bike securely upright. Place an oil drain pan beneath the drain plug on the underside of the bike. The plug has a 5/8-inch hex-shaped head.

Assemble your wrench by first attaching the 3-inch extension to the wrench and then the socket on the end of the extension. Using the wrench, turn the oil drain plug beneath the motorcycle counterclockwise to remove it. Oil will begin pouring from the sump into the pan. Your fingers may get a little dirty here.

Use a rag to clean the threads of the drain plug. Afterwards, coat them with Teflon plumbers paste to ensure easy removal of the plug in the future.

Remove the rubber O-ring from the plug and replace it with a new one. A new O-ring will ensure an airtight seal for the plug when replaced.

Reinstall the drain plug once all the old oil has drained. Turn the plug clockwise with your socket wrench to tighten. The bolt is secure when the wrench can no longer turn.

Remove the lid from the oil fill on the external oil tank. The oil tank is on the drive side of the motorcycle, just behind the engine.

Pour your Dyna Wide Glide’s recommended oil into the oil fill in the tank. After adding the first quart, add no more than 1/4 quart at a time before checking the level. The level can be checked by inserting the dipstick attached to the oil fill lid into the oil tank. Be sure that the bike is even for accurate reading. If necessary, have someone hold the bike perfectly upright while you check the reading.

Stop adding oil when the oil level reaches the lower mark on the dipstick. Screw the oil fill lid back on the oil tank.

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