How to Change the Fuel Pump in a 2002 Ford Escape

by Dan FerrellUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Shop Rag

  • Small Screwdriver (if necessary)

  • Wrench

  • Phillips Screwdriver or Ratchet and Socket

  • Fuel-Pipe Remover Tool (if necessary)

  • Fuel Sender Wrench

  • New O-ring

The fuel pump on a 2002 Ford Escape is attached to the fuel-pump module (FPM) inside the fuel tank. But you do not need to lower the tank to replace the pump. The FPM is accessible through an access door located on the floor underneath one of the rear seats. Make sure you have the correct fuel-pump replacement and necessary tools before you begin.

Remove the fuel-pump relay form the relay center (if you have a 2.0L engine model). The relay center is on the driver side of the engine compartment. If you have a 3.0L engine model, go to step 3.

Shift the transmission to neutral, start the engine and let it idle until it stalls. Then, crank the engine for about 3 seconds and turn off the ignition switch. Go to Section 2, Step 1.

Locate the Schrader valve at the end of the fuel rail around the top of the engine. This valve resembles an air valve on a bicycle tire.

Remove the valve cap.

Wrap a shop rag around the valve.

Depress the valve with a small screwdriver and catch the squirt of fuel with the shop rag. Now replace the valve cap.

Disconnect the black (negative) battery cable using a wrench.

Loosen the fuel filler cap.

Raise the left-rear seat cushion.

Lift the floor carpet.

Unscrew the FPM's access cover located on the floor using a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket. Now remove the access cover.

Unplug the FPM's electrical connectors.

Detach the fuel and vapor lines from the FPM. Depending on your vehicle model, you might need a fuel-pipe remover tool (see the resources box at the bottom). Otherwise, just squeeze the lock tabs on the line fittings and pull the lines from the fitting to disconnect them.

Detach the FPM from the fuel tank using a fuel sender wrench (see the resources box at the bottom).

Lift the FPM from the fuel tank and the module O-ring. Now remove the fuel pump from the module.

Install the new fuel pump on the FPM and set the module on the fuel tank along with a new O-ring.

Attach the FPM to the fuel tank using the fuel sender wrench.

Connect the fuel and vapor lines to the fittings on the FPM.

Plug the FPM's electrical connectors.

Screw on the FPM's access cover using the Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket.

Replace the floor carpet.

Lower the left-rear seat cushion.

Tighten the fuel filler cap.

Connect the black (negative) battery cable using the wrench.

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