How to Add Horsepower to a GMC Sierra

by Asad Mohammad; Updated November 07, 2017

The GMC Sierra is a full size pickup truck developed by General Motors. It is a popular brand and its specifications are easily upgradeable, thus allowing for vast improvements in performance. Augmenting the vehicle's horsepower is a simple process and can be completed in a number of steps.


Install a new computer chip. This will change the engine's programming and will free up more horsepower. This is a quick way to improve the vehicle's performance.

Install an aftermarket exhaust system. This is usually comprised of a larger tail pipe and header. As a result the exhaust will exit the engine faster and allow for improved combustion and energy production.

Install a cold air intake system. This will allow cooler air to enter the engine and react with fuel. Cooler air is more dense and as a result has a larger concentration of oxygen. As a result there will be increased combustion and power generation.

Install a performance tuner. This is a device that changes the ratio of air and fuel mixture in the engine. As a result combustion rates will improve and horesepower gains can be seen.

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