How to Get More Horsepower on an Expedition

by Neal Litherland
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Horsepower is the amount of force that your car puts out, and it's one of the measurements used to determine how much raw power the engine is creating. However, if you drive a Ford Expedition then there are ways you can increase your horsepower output. They take time to install and often a lot of money to purchase, but if you are determined to get as much power out of your Expedition as possible then there are a lot of roads you can take.

Step 1

Replace the factory air intake system with an upgraded, cold air intake system. According to KN Filters this can add as much as 12 horsepower to your engine because it will be able to gain access to more air, which is one half of the internal combustion formula of oxygen and fuel.

Step 2

Replace the exhaust system with a larger diameter exhaust. If your Expedition can get rid of exhaust faster then it will be able to process the fuel and air more quickly. It's as if you increased your power to inhale, but not exhale if you put an aftermarket intake system but you leave the old exhaust in place.

Step 3

Replace the tires. Horsepower has to translate from the engine to the tires in order for the power to be of use, and tires that are specifically meant to grip the road are extremely useful in helping that translation along. Additionally, balding tires with no tread will cause you to lose a great deal of power output.

Step 4

Replace the performance chip. This is a complicated endeavor and you should consult a professional if you're not familiar with the process. In your engine there's a chip that decides the ratio of fuel to air, but the standard chip is designed for the average driver. For those who want to tweak the ratio and find a more optimum horsepower output for the Expedition, a performance chip is a solid investment.

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