How Do I Find Out What Year My Tohatsu Outboard Is?

by Rachel MooreUpdated October 06, 2017
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The first Tohatsu outboards were produced in 1956. Each outboard has what is called a model year. The model year is the year the outboard came on the market. However, don’t confuse the model year with the year located on the side of the outboard. The year on the side represents the year the outboard was manufactured and met EPA emissions standards. For example, the model year of your outboard may be 2009 while the year it was manufactured is 2008. Knowing the model year comes in handy when you need the right replacement parts for your outboard.

Utilize a Tohatsu outboard database. There is a database available on the Piranha website.

Search using the Tohatsu model type. Locate the model of your Tohatsu on the database. Examples of the model types include TLDI, MFS 15, MD 40, M115 and M70A. Request the model year from Tohatsu if your model type is not listed. Follow the "Contact Us" link on the Tohatsu website. Make sure you include the outboard's model number and serial number when submitting your request.

Look in the left column labeled “Motor Description.” The motor description includes the model year of your Tohatsu outboard. For instance, if the model is a TDLI the model year is 2009.


The model year is also stated in the manufacturers statement of origin (MSO). If you don’t have a copy, request one from a Tohatsu dealership.

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