How to Get More Horsepower for the Honda 1300

by Don Kress

Honda's 1300cc line of motorcycles, including the ST1300 midsized touring bikes, offer significant performance power from a relatively lightweight machine. Increasing the horsepower of these motorcycles is fairly straightforward, because the ST1300 touring motorcycle has throttle-body injection. The formula for creating more horsepower for these bikes is more air, more fuel and faster exhaust. The three combine to produce consistent horsepower gains throughout the power band.


Unbolt the stock slip-on muffler from the exhaust pipe. The bolts are accessible from behind the exhaust pipes. On ST1300 models, the exhaust exits on both sides of the motorcycle.


Replace the stock exhaust canister with the aftermarket free-flow slip-on muffler by sliding it over the exhaust tube and bolting it into place using the stock or provided hardware.


Unbolt the air intake cover and remove the air filter element inside. The replacement high-performance filter element simply replaces the old filter element. Reattach the cover of the air cleaner assembly.


Remove the seat to install the high-performance fuel management unit (FMU). Locate the central wiring harness and detach it from the computer. The FMU plugs into the computer, and the wiring harness plugs into the fuel management unit. When installed, reattach the motorcycle seat.


  • close Avoid making changes to the motorcycle which compromise either its safety or the manufacturer's warranty.

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