How to Hook Up a Stereo System in a 1994 Ford Ranger

by Jule Pamplin
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The 1994 Ford Ranger comes equipped with a standard AM/FM stereo with cassette deck. A single-disc CD player is optional. Ranger owners who need to replace a malfunctioning stock stereo or wish to upgrade to a more powerful system can swap their factory installed unit for an aftermarket stereo. The first step to installing a new stereo is removing the old one. Purchase the Ford DIN removal keys to make removing the old stereo an easy process for any vehicle.

Step 1

Open the hood of the Ranger by pulling the hood release lever under the driver's side dashboard. Move to the front of the truck and release the hood latch located between the hood and the front-end of the vehicle. Push up on the latch to free the hood from the engine compartment. Prop the hood up with the hood stand.

Step 2

Loosen the bolt that secures the grounding cable to the battery. The grounding cable connects the negative battery terminal to the frame of the Ranger. Use a 10 mm wrench to loosen the bolt, then move the cable away from the battery. Return to the cabin of the vehicle.

Step 3

Slide the two prongs of the Ford DIN removal tools into the holes on either side of the Ranger factory stereo. Push the tools into the holes until they lock into place.

Step 4

Pull outward on the tools while sliding the Ford stock stereo from the vehicle's dashboard stereo dock. Pull the unit from the dash until the wiring connections are accessible by hand.

Step 5

Pull the white plastic wire connectors from the outlets on the back of the stereo. Unplug the back FM antenna cable from the outlet on the back of the unit.

Step 6

Slide the installation cage into the vacant stereo dock in the Ranger's dash. Push the cage into the opening until it is flush against the back of the stereo dock.

Step 7

Reach into the back of the dock to gather the stereo wiring and the antenna cable. Plug the two white plastic connectors into the corresponding leads of the wiring harness adapter.

Step 8

Plug the harness adapter lead connectors into the corresponding leads on the back of the new stereo unit. Plug the antenna cable into the FM antenna outlet on the rear panel of the new stereo.

Step 9

Bend the metal tabs at the opening of the installation cage with a flat screwdriver. The tabs will fold to secure the cage within the Ranger's stereo dock.

Step 10

Slide the new stereo into the dock (now lined by the installation cage) until the unit snaps into place. Return to the battery.

Step 11

Replace the grounding cable back around the Ford Ranger's negative battery post. Use the wrench to tighten the bolt on the cable's clamp to secure the cable to the the post. Close the Ranger's hood.

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