Honda Pilot Spark Plug Replacement Instructions

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Replacing the spark plugs on a Honda Pilot is simple. Do not strip the threads in the motor during installation. The threads are small grooves in the motor holes where the spark plug fits. This can be a major issue because stripping the threads damages the engine and makes it difficult to replace the spark plugs in the future. When you install each spark plug, begin screwing it by hand slowly and gently.

Clean Your Engine

Before you begin, clean your engine if it is dirty. To preserve your engine, do not allow any dust or dirt inside. Since the spark plug hole leads directly to the inside of the motor, you should clean excess dirt from the engine before removing the spark plugs. Use engine degreaser or engine cleaner to clean the motor. Carefully, avoid directly spraying electrical connections. If the motor is free of dust and dirt, there is no need to clean it.

Get Started

Disconnect the black ground wire to the battery. Remove the plastic engine cover by removing the two bolts that hold it to the engine. Locate the spark plug wires in the engine compartment. Follow the wires to the spark plugs. The boot of the spark plug wire is the end of the wire that snaps onto the spark plug. Gently grip the spark plug wire by the boot and wiggle it off the plug. The boot should pop off the spark plug.

Inspect the Plugs

The Honda Pilot has six spark plugs. Each removed spark plug has clues to your engine performance. Oil or sludge in the spark plug gap area indicates engine wear. Inspect your spark plug wires. Replace them if they have burn marks from contact with the engine.

Remove the Spark Plugs

Gently, place your spark plug socket on the spark plug. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until you remove the plug. Clean the spark plug hole of any dirt. Install the new spark plug by placing it in the plug's hole. Slowly rotate it clockwise and avoid cross-threading it. Otherwise, you destroy the threads in the motor. Rotate it a few times by hand. Only if it screws in smoothly will you know that it is not cross-threaded. It should feel like screwing in a light bulb. You must screw it in at the correct angle. Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

Replace the Remaining 5 Spark Plugs

Replace the other five spark plugs in similar fashion. Find the spark plug wire, follow it to the spark plug, and remove it. Remove the spark plug, clean the hole, and carefully install the new spark plug. Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.

Reconnect the Battery

After replacing all spark plugs, reconnect the ground cable of the battery.

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