Honda Rincon Oil Change Procedures

by Chris Gilliland

Regular engine oil and oil filter changes are important parts of maintaining a Honda Rincon-series all-terrain vehicle. In fact, an oil change is one of the basic procedures that form the foundation for the proper operation of your ATV. Although the task is fairly straightforward, oil changes must be done following a certain sequence to prevent problems from occurring later.


Properly preparing your Honda Rincon, tools and work area will go a long way in completing the entire task as easily and simply as possible. If this is your first time working on your ATV, take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the location of the oil drain plugs, oil filter and the oil filler. This could potentially save you from burning your hands or fingers on a hot engine part during the actual oil change.

Warming the Oil

Draining the oil completely and quickly hinges on a properly warmed up motor, as cold oil flows significantly slower than warm oil. Honda recommends starting the ATV's motor and allowing it to idle in a stationary position for up to three to five minutes, allowing the oil to warm up to its operating temperature. Once this oil is warm, stop the motor and allow the oil to cool slightly for another three minutes.

Draining the Oil

Remove the dipstick from the oil filler on the left side of the ATV's motor to improve drainage time. Locate the oil drain bolt on the left side of the motor's rear crankcase. Place your oil pan below the oil drain plug and remove it with a 12 mm socket. Use caution, as the oil may still be hot enough to burn you as it drains. Allow at least 15 minutes for the oil to drain completely. Remove the sealing O-ring from the drain bolt and install a new O-ring over the bolt before reinstalling it onto the motor. Screw the drain bolt into the rear crankcase and tighten it to 18ft-lbs. with a torque wrench. Clean up any oil spills with a shop towel before moving on.

Replacing the Oil Filter

Access the oil filter by locating the circular oil filter cover and removing the center bolt with a 12 mm socket. Set the internal retaining spring aside and replace the O-rings on the oil filter cover and center bolt. Remove the oil filter and install a new oil filter in its place. Insert the center bolt through the oil filter cover and slide the retaining spring over the bolt. Hold the cover against the crankcase to compress the retaining spring while tightening the center bolt with a 12 mm socket. Again, wipe any spilled oil with a clean shop towel before moving on.

Refilling the Motor

A Honda Rincon requires 3 quarts of fresh Honda HP4 or similar 10W40 motor oil when replacing the oil filter. Place a funnel into the oil filler neck and pour the oil in slowly to prevent forming bubbles within the oil. Insert the dipstick until it is seated against the oil filler neck without screwing it into place. Pull the dipstick out and check where the oil level lies in comparison to the upper and lower marks on the tip of the dipstick. If the oil level is closer to the lower mark, slowly add small amounts of oil into the motor to raise the oil level. Reinsert the dipstick and screw it in completely when the oil level is near the upper mark.

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