Honda Cvt Gearbox Problems

by Henry Mwangi

Continuous variable transmission is a vehicle's gear transmission system that switches between an infinite numbers of gear ratios, offering a vehicle enhanced vehicle fuel economy. Some Honda models, such as the 2005 Honda Civic, have a CVT gearbox.

Drive Belt Slip

The CVT gearbox drive-belt slippage problem mentioned by the website Honda Problems occurs during acceleration. The problem affects the automatic transmission, causing the car to shudder and hesitate when accelerating. The CVT gearbox may also affect acceleration, causing speed reduction when the engine is about to make maximum revolutions per minute.


CVT gearbox noise related to clutch slip during acceleration is mentioned by The noise is generated via the pulley and belt system that supports the gear ratio change-through. Adjusting the belt back to position corrects the problem.

Fluid Leak

The CVT gearbox automatic transmission ATF fluid leaks mentioned by Honda Problems cause low ATF level and require top off. A dealer should check a CVT gearbox to make adjustments as recommended in the manufacturer's car owner's manual.

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