Honda Accord Gas Gauge Problems

by John Hume

Honda Accord's gas gauge works by receiving data from a fuel sending unit located at the bottom of the gas tank. The gauge itself is attached to the cluster of wires that connects to the battery and is located behind the dashboard. A problem with any of the mechanical parts in this chain results in a malfunctioning gauge.

Wiring Problems

Located behind the dashboard, the Accord's gas gauge wiring is susceptible to disconnecting or becoming damaged. The wiring can be checked for problems by taking the dashboard apart and visually inspecting the gas gauge wiring. If damaged, the wires need to be soldered or replaced.

Fuel Sending Unit

Part of the fuel sending unit is a stainless steel finger which slides along a copper rod to determine the amount of gas in the car. Over time, the stainless steel finger becomes worn out and can cause inaccurate readings. Replacing the fuel sending unit will fix the problem. This is a common problem in sixth generation Honda Accord models.

Gas Tank Topping

Honda Accord's fuel gauge accuracy is dependent on the proper use of the gas since it is based on the readings from the fuel sending unit. Constantly filling the gas to the very top of the gas tank, or topping off, causes the gas gauge to give inaccurate information.

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