How to Hollow Out a Catalytic Converter

by braniac

Hollowing out a cat is not only difficult, illegal,damaging to the computer controls it is also a huge waste of Platinum. If you really want to do it you will need to do some serious labor.

First issue is to remove the Cat. In most cases it is bolted on, at either end, on the exhaust system. Removing the bolts will loosen the cat, however the crimping done may require you to pry it off. (you can also use a blow torch to soften the crimped ends and tap it off.) ** IF YOU HAVE TO USE A JACK- USE JACK STANDS**

Once the cat is off you will see a honeycombed white/gray powdery looking core. Put the Cat in a vice facing up with the bottom a couple inches off the ground. Take the pry bar and the sledge hammer and begin breaking up the honeycomb. Once there is a couple inches of powder built up, turn the Cat the other way (other end up) and do the same to that end. Repeat until all is out.

The powdery mess has a high concentration of Platinum, recycle it for CASH. Now it is hollowed out. Reinstall in the reverse manner.


  • check This will cause a fuel mixture problem- be sure to UNPLUG or remove the O2 sensor. This will help reduce the heat produced from running to lean.


  • close I know it is less expensive to do this than to replace the cat- but this WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FUEL SYSTEM.

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