GMC Glove Box Latch Removal

by Gregory Crews

Replacing the latches on your glove box will require a nut driver and a Phillips head screwdriver. The GMC glove box is held on by a minimal number of screws and uses rubber bushings to prevent the box from opening all the way out and dumping your belongings onto the floorboard. Replacing the latch consists of taking the box apart to its outer shell to access the hardware holding the latch in.

Removing the Glove Box

Open the glove box to give you a view of the task at hand. Firmly grasp the right end of the glove box and pull it to the left and down. This will unlock the glove box from the inside of the dash. When you lower the glove box this will give you access to the nuts holding the bottom end. Unscrew the two nuts on either side of the box with a nut driver. This will free the whole glove box from the dash.

Removing the Glove Box Latch

Place the glove box on a table and locate the two screws on the outside of the box. Unscrew them with a Phillips head screwdriver. Carefully separate the glove box liner from the outer shell. The latch will be exposed. Locate the two screws holding the latch to the glove box shell. Unscrew the latch with a Phillips head screwdriver. The latch will separate from the shell.

Removing the Dash Latch

Removing the connector requires a Phillips head screwdriver. This is the piece that the latch connects to when you close the glove box. Unscrew the two screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. When the screws are out the latch will free up from the dash and you can remove it with your fingers.


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