GMC Acadia Problems

by Andy Joseph

The GMC Acadia holds the distinction of being the first crossover SUV manufactured by General Motors Truck Company, a division of General Motors that specializes in trucks, vans and SUVs. The Acadia made its debut in 2006, so it has relatively few problems reported so far; most of them--a variance of electrical, mechanical and cosmetic issues--are relatively minor.

Audio/Video System

Some GMC Acadias may have noise in the car speakers when a portable music player is hooked into the power adapter outlet. A ground loop isolator from retail stores such as Radio Shack can be placed between the player and the power outlet to prevent the noise. DVD monitors in the front seat headrests may stop working due to the video feed cable coming loose. This would require installation of cable clamps.

"Check Engine" Light

In some 2007 GMC Acadias, the "Check Engine" indicator may illuminate due to the stretching of timing chains. In some cases, some other indicators might also illuminate, indicating relating problems. The timing chains would need to be replaced.

Keyless Entry System

In some GMC Acadias, the remote keyless entry key fob may quit working. This would require re-learning between the keyless entry system and the automobile.

Drive Belt

Some GMC Acadias may have their accessory drive belts chirp or squeal. This can result in loss of power steering, especially in wet weather. Both front fender liners would need to be replaced.


Strut boot interference can cause popping and squawking noises from front suspension in some vehicles. The strut boots would have to be re-adjusted.

Water Leak

In some GMC Acadias, water may leak from the dome light, particularly when the vehicle is parked downhill during rain. This can be solved by re-connecting the sunroof drain hoses.


A few features on the GMC Acadia are covered under factory recall. Some vehicles may have malfunctioning sensing and diagnostic modules, which can immobilize the front air bags and would require module re-programming. There is also the possibility of the short circuit on the printed circuit board for the washer fluid heater overheating the control-circuit ground wire, thus requiring the installation of a wire harness with an inline fuse. Fragile windshield wipers can be fixed with new wiper crank arms, driver's side links and crank arm nuts.

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