How to Get Bulk Diesel Fuel

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Farmers with a lot of motorized equipment to run may need a constant supply of bulk fuel on hand. Likewise, construction companies, public transportation companies and any organization with a lot of engines to service may need bulk fuel. You may even want to buy bulk diesel for personal use if it's hard for you to get to a gas station in the winter. Fortunately, it's easy to learn how to get bulk diesel fuel.

Find a bulk fuel dealer. There are dozens of them throughout the country. To find one near you, you can call your local city hall or the corporate headquarters of some of the better-known gas stations.

Set up an account with the bulk fuel dealer of your choice. In order to buy from some bulk dealers, you may need to have an established business with a legitimate need for bulk diesel fuel. You'll also probably have to give the dealer a credit card number to keep on file.

Arrange for delivery of your bulk diesel fuel. You may want to have regularly scheduled deliveries of fuel, or you could opt to call for more fuel on an as-needed basis. Policies on this will differ from dealer to dealer, so be sure to ask when you set up your account.

Make billing arrangements. Some dealers require payment at the time of each order, while others will bill you later. If you're going to have regular deliveries on a schedule, your dealer may allow you to prepay for shipments. Other dealers might allow you to pay C.O.D.

Forego the dealer, and fill up at the local gas station. This is probably the best option for individuals without a business need for diesel. Simply take as many plastic fuel containers as you want to your local gas station, and fill them up with diesel for storage in your garage.


  • check Remember, if you're filling up on bulk diesel at a local gas station, you'll have to pay right then. Gas stations don't allow for delayed billing, so be sure you have enough money on hand to get as much diesel as you need.


  • close Don't attempt to buy marked diesel fuel unless you have a permit. Marked diesel is meant for use on off-road vehicles and requires government permission to get. There are stiff civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized use of marked diesel.

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