Ford Ranger Heater Problems

by Anthony Faccenda

Introduced in 1983, the Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck available in rear- and four-wheel drive. Despite its convenient size and affordability, the Ranger suffers from several electrical problems, including heater problems.

Heater Core

According to the website The Ranger Station, the heater core is a trouble spot on numerous Ranger models. The heater core produces heat using hot coolant from the vehicle's engine. Symptoms of a bad heater core include the inability to blow hot air and coolant leakage under the passenger-side dash.

Blend Door

A common Ranger problem involves a faulty blend door -- especially on 1993 through 1997 models. The blend door, which opens and closes to allow the heating or cooling of the cab, often breaks because it is made of plastic.


Depending on the model year, Repair Pal estimates heater core replacement at $235 to $750 from 1990 through 2011. The cost of the part has remained constant at an average of $80 to $100.

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