Ford Fiesta Starting Problem

by David Houssein
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Problems starting a car are one of the most common complaints reported by Fiesta drivers. When establishing the problem, first check a number of basic non-mechanical things before calling a mechanic.


Check that you have gas. It sounds obvious, but it is easily over looked if you are in a rush or panic. Make sure the car is not immobilized as it is possible to accidentally immobilize your Fiesta. To solve this, simply lock and unlock your car using the central locking.

Mechanical Problems

Check your battery. If you turn the key and get no response at all, check to see if the lights and radio work. If they do not, you need to charge or replace your battery. On older models, it is possible to flood the engine by using too much choke. To solve this, remove the fuel injector fuse (your owner's manual will tell where it's located) and turn the key a couple times to clear the gas.

Expert Insight

Take your car to a professional if are unable to establish or solve the problem yourself. If you hear a clicking sound, your starter motor is faulty. If your engine cranks but does not start, your fuel pump is faulty. In any of these cases, you will need to seek a mechanic for help.

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