Ford F150 Towing Specs

by Charles Green

The Ford F-150 is the standard truck in Ford's F-Series model line. Available in two- and four-wheel-drive and in various cabin and bed configurations, the towing limits for this truck vary depending on cabin choice, engine selection and hitching options.

Conventional Towing

As of 2010, every Ford F-150 is able to tow when equipped with a hitch receiver. Labels affixed to the receiver detail weight capacity and distribution; that information is also published in the Ford trailer selector guide. Towing capacities range from 5,100 pounds for a 4x2 SuperCrew with a 157-inch wheelbase to 11,300 for several models, including the standard 4x4 with a 145-inch wheelbase. That model also requires a heavy-duty payload package and a max trailer towing package.

Fifth-Wheel Towing

When employing fifth-wheel towing, the weight limitations are the same. The maximum tailgate height for fifth-wheel towing is 56 to 60 inches, representing the distance from the ground to the top of the closed tailgate.


Ford F-150 trucks come equipped with trailer sway control and 4-pin trailer wiring harnesses. Available towing packages include a 7-pin wiring harness, a hitch receiver and in some cases an upgraded rear bumper. Some states require a separate braking system for trailers with a loaded weight of more than 1,500 pounds. Trailer lamps and safety chains are advised.


Towing places huge demands on any vehicle. Consider practicing before heading out -- checking turning, backing up, stopping and weight distribution first. Keep tires properly inflated and check your truck and trailer at several points along your route to confirm attachments and connections are secure.

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