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Ford Explorer Dash Removal

by Chris Phillips

The Ford Explorer dash board is designed to protect the instrumentation and provide convenient location for the passenger air bag. Models up to 1994 require different steps the those 1995 to present.


The instrumentation panel and dashboard are heavy and require two people to remove and re-install.

Park the vehicle on a smooth surface. Get someone to help with the actual removal of the dashboard as it is heavy. Be sure to follow the proper safety precautions as determined by the vehicle manufacturer, the tool manufacturers and per the vehicle owner's manual.

Remove Components

Orderly removal of components makes it easier to reinstall them when needed.

Referring to the service manual, remove the components that are connected to the dashboard and not part of actual dashboard attachment, for instance the hood release and the ash tray. Remove each component and place it aside in the order removed to facilitate re-installing. Be sure to locate any parts needed to change or replace with the old component in the order removed.

Remove Dashboard

Properly removing the dashboard allows better access to the individual components.

Confirm with the service manual where all the connectors for the dashboard are located. Remove each one, placing it in a manner to identify where it goes and how to replace it. There are 13 fasteners to remove on models 1994 and before. 1995 and higher have 29 fasteners or components fastened through the dashboard. Removing the dashboard lays bare the firewall of the engine compartment.

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