Ford Expedition Brake Problems

by Kyra Sheahan

Ford Expeditions are sport-utility vehicles that often experience problems with their anti-lock brake systems. Ford Motor Company recalled Expedition models in 1998, and again in 2007, due to faulty ABS technology.

Low Brake Fluid

ABS brakes rely on an appropriate level of brake fluid to slow and stop the vehicle via hydraulic pressure. "Automobile Magazine" reports that the 2008 Expedition had problems with the hydraulic valves, which were built without extra check-balls. The lack of check-balls restricted the flow of brake fluid to the brake, thereby causing the ABS system in the Expedition to often be ineffective.

Retainer Clips

The Ford Motor Company's early recall on the 1999 Expedition, on November 17, 1998, was due to missing retainer clips in the brake assembly. Some Expeditions were found to have the retainer clips missing completely, while others had retainer clips that were only partially installed. Without retainer clips, the Expedition's stopping distance increased. This put drivers at risk of a collision, according to "Automobile Magazine."

Warning Lights

ABS warning-light activation is another brake problem found with Expeditions. ABS warning lights are designed to activate when sensors detect an issue with the braking system. According to "You Fix Cars," Ford vehicles experience faulty ABS sensors that activate the warning light when no problem exists with the brakes.

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