Ford 1710 Tractor Specifications

by Alan EdwardsUpdated September 26, 2017
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Distributed by Ford from 1983 to 1986 the Ford 1710 Tractor is used for farming and agricultural work. Ford imported this tractor from Japan where Shibaura Engines manufactured it as part of their Ten Series Compact line. The original price in its last year of distribution was $8,859.

Engine Specifications

The three cylinder diesel engine is by Shibaura of Japan and uses a natural aspiration system. The bore is 3.31 inches and the stroke is also 3.31 inches. The engine displacement is 85.2 cubic inches. It produces 26 hp. Fuel use measures at 1.8 gallons per hour. It uses liquid coolant and holds 4.2 quarts of coolant. The engine oil capacity is 5.6 quarts. This motor has a dry air cleaner. The engine pre-heats using glow plugs. The compression ratio is 23.1, rated RPM is 2,700. The starter is 12 volts.

The Power Take Off that operates attachments is 20 hp.


The transmission is a synchro gear type with 12 forward gears and four reverse. Its oil capacity is 19 quarts. Speeds range from 11.2 to 24. The gear ratios are; 1st- 0.8, 2nd-0.9, 3rd-1.2, 4th-1.7, 5th-2.2, 6th-2.8, 7th-3.8, 8th-4.8, 9th-6.2, 10th-7.6, 11th-9.7 and 12th-12.5. Reverse gear ratios are; R1-0.9, R2-2.0. R3-4.3 and R4-8.7.


The Ford 1710 has a wheelbase of 63 inches. Its operating weight is 2,425 lbs and its ballasted weight is 3,510 lbs. Front tire size for farm use on the 2 wheel drive is 5.00-15 and for four-wheel drive the front tire size is 6.00-16. For service on lawn and turf the front tire size for two-wheel drive is 23x8.50-12 and for four-wheel drive it is 27x8.50-15. The rear tire size of 13.6x16 is the same for both two and four-wheel drive. The front tread is 43.5 to 57.5 inches and the rear trade is 43.3 to 58.7 inches.

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