How to Fly a Flag From a Truck Bed

by William Garmany

Flying a flag from the bed of the truck is a sign of pride in what the flag represents. If not properly mounted, when you get the truck up to speed the pole can break or you can have problems at an overpass. To show your pride, do the job right the first time so that there are not any problems down the road. Have fun with the flags; they make a great statement at tailgate parties, too.

Step 1

Plan out the type of pole you want to use for flying the flag. If you plan on driving with the flag on display, you need a stronger mount and pole. Keep in mind that you don't want the pole to be over 6 feet tall or you will have difficulty with some overpasses. For a 3-by-5-foot flag, a strong, hollow pole will suffice.

Step 2

Line up the pole mount on the bed of the truck. Putting the pole closer to the cab of the truck gives you extra support while driving down the highway because less of the pole will be in the wind.

Step 3

Drill holes for the pole mount and bolt it into place. For extra reinforcement, spot weld the mount to the bed of the truck.

Step 4

Slide the flagpole into the the pole mount. Drill a 1/4-inch hole horizontally through the mount and flagpole (not required for a pole mount with a set screw). Slide the latch pin in place, or tighten the set screw, to prevent any lift on the flag pole while driving.

Step 5

Mount the flag onto the flagpole. To remove the flagpole, unfasten the latch pin or loosen the set screw and lift the pole up and out of the bracket.

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