How to Fix Stone Chips in Car Paint

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Is your car gradually getting more and more stone chips in the paint after each drive? Nothing is more aggravating than seeing fresh paint chips, especially shortly after purchasing a new car. Get rid of these ugly eyesores and save yourself the hassle and expense of having an auto body shop to paint the whole car.

Clean your car well on the outside by washing and drying it before starting the repair. While washing the car, get a good idea where the chips that need to be fixed are. Then dry the car with lint-free towels.

Take the matching spray paint and shake the can well. In most cases, the car paint will have to be special ordered.

Put a ventilation mask on.

Spray some of the paint inside the lid that you took off of the can. Do this over newspaper or somewhere that leaking paint will not ruin other objects.

Take your toothpick and dab it into the car paint, which is in the lid. Fill the chip with the matching paint until the chip is covered. Do this as evenly as possible and without overfilling.

Fill each chip just like this and allow plenty of time for it to dry before moving your car.


  • check Filling in car chips can give your car a better look resulting in a greater resale value.
  • check Painting chipped areas will also keep corrosion away.


  • close Do not get the car wet or leave in the rain shortly after you fix the paint.

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