How to Fix a Scratched Honda Bumper

by Jennifer Habersham

Regardless of how much care you take in keeping your Honda from being damaged, chances are it's going to get scratched sooner or later. Runaway shopping carts, close parking spaces and fender benders are all common reasons that the bumper of your Honda might get scratched. Thankfully, most scratches can be buffed out with a special compound and a little elbow grease. Tackling the scratch right away will help to stop it from worsening.

Purchase a small tube of touchup paint that matches your car's color. Visit Honda's official website or go directly to your car dealership to order the paint. Although third-party dealers make touch-up paints, ordering from the manufacturer is the best way to get the perfect match for your car.

Apply a liberal amount of buffing compound to your wash cloth.

Buff the scratch with the wash cloth. Apply pressure and always work in a circular motion.

Wash away the buffing compound with water from the hose.

Pat dry with your cloth.

Apply the car paint to the remainder of the scratch. Allow to dry.

Repeat steps 2 through 5 until the scratches can no longer be seen.

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