How to Fix Peeling Paint on a Ford F150

by Sarah Thomas

Peeling paint on a Ford F150 may occur for several reasons. When paint peels, it is due to a loss of adhesion from the substrate, according to Learn Auto Painting. The damage may be caused by faulty paint, dirt in the paint job, unmixed paint or oil and wax residue beneath the paint layers. To fix peeling paint on your Ford F150, you will need supplies that can be purchased or rented from an auto-supply store.


Inspect your Ford F150 to determine the areas where paint is peeling. If you wish, you may mark off the areas with masking tape. If you mark the area, leave several inches outside of the peeling area to be repaired as well.


Remove the paint from the vehicle by sanding it with an electric sander. You can purchase or rent an electric sander from an auto-supply store or home-improvement store. Sand the peeling paint and several inches around the area until the paint has been removed.


Clean the sanded area using a de-greasing cleaner and tack cloth. You must remove all of the sanding dust, wax residue, oil residue, dirt and debris so that new layers of paint adhere properly to the vehicle.


Prime the area using primer specifically for vehicles. If you need a suggestion as to what primer to choose, contact a Ford dealer or body shop. Purchase or rent a paint sprayer from a home-improvement or auto store for professional application. Allow the primer to dry.


Paint the area using auto touch-up paint that matches your Ford F150. Obtain the paint from an automotive-supply store or a Ford dealership. Ensure that you have a perfect match in color so that the repaired area blends with the rest of the vehicle.

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