How to Fix a Fuel Sending Unit

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Ever had the fuel gauge move to "E" after you have just filled up, and then the check engine light illuminate? Its a common problem. The problem could result from a number of reasons. I recommend that the following procedure be performed first, then follow my recommendation. You'll like the method and the cost savings !

Once you have ruled out that the fuse is good and you have no other electrical issues, then I recommend the following procedure and preventative maintenance to eliminate this issue.

Sulpher is a sulphur compound that effects the reading on the fuel sending unit within the fuel tank. It can lead to this problem, which is quite common. The savings in dollars compared to the mechanic maybe avoidable. Overtime, the sulpher will create this issue.

If the engine is performing well and there are no other concerns, then proceed. This problem is not just confined to high mileage. It is not uncommon to see this at 65,000 !

If you are using a quality fuel and reputable fuel, you are doing the right thing. Higher octanes don't elimnate the problem. Save your money, and use the recommended octane by the vehicle manufacturer.

The product the purchase is called Techroline concentrate that can be found at most automotive and parts counteres and mass retailers. It is an additive that is already in the Chevron brand gasoline.


  • check Add the recommended amount of concentrate to the the ratio of fuel you are putting into the tank. It will not happen overnight. You will then add it again on the next fillup. And then as a monthly preventative. The sulpher compunds will disintigrate and improve this or clear the condition. This inexpensive measure should delight you when you compare it to the high cost of a mechanic repair.


  • close Follow the precautionary on the label for proper use.

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