How to Fix Foggy Headlights

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Before 1980, car headlights were made from glass, but today they're made from plastic. Over time the plastic headlights get foggy, making it hard to see where you're going at night. Many people spend hundreds of dollars for new headlights, when all they need to do is clear up their old ones. These are the steps you can use to clear up the headlights on your vehicle, making them shiny and look like new.

Put a little water on a sheet of 1,000 grade sandpaper. Start at one side of the headlight, and sand up and down the entire headlight, until you reach the other side. Repeat the step as needed.

Start at the top of the headlight. Sand across the entire headlight, until you reach the bottom. Repeat step as needed.

Put a little rubbing compound on a clean cloth, and rub it on the headlight. Buff the headlight until it shines. Apply more compound as needed. Repeat for the other headlight. Rinse with water.

Try an electric buffer instead of a cloth or use a headlight restoration kit. These can be found at an auto parts store, or on the Internet.


  • check Use a clean brush to put the rubbing compound on the headlights.


  • close It's very dangerous to drive at night with foggy headlights. You can't see where you're going, or whether there's an animal or person in the road. Foggy headlights can cause you to have an accident.

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