How to Fix a Flooded Car

by Larry Parr

When you flood a car it simply means that you have put too much liquid gasoline into the car's cylinders. What many people don't understand is that liquid gasoline does not burn or explode. Gasoline only explodes when it is mixed with sufficient air. When a car is flooded the trick is to remove the liquid gasoline from the cylinders and replace it with a mixture of gasoline vapors and air.

Allow a flooded car to sit for 10 minutes.

Press down on the accelerator and hold the pedal to the floor. Do NOT release the pedal--keep it firmly held to the floor.

Turn the key to start the car with the gas pedal firmly on the floor. Do NOT release or pump the pedal--hold the pedal firmly on the floor as you continue trying to start the car.

Try starting the car several times if it does not start immediately. Do NOT lift your foot off the pedal between tries. Run the starter in four-second intervals so you do not overheat the starter or drain the battery too quickly. If you keep the pedal on the floor for the entire time that you are trying to start your car it will allow extra air into the cylinders which will help remove the liquid gasoline.


  • close Once you have pressed the accelerator to the floor do NOT release it until the car starts.

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