How to Fix Fender Rust

by Sabrina Ashley

Rust is a common problem on cars and trucks, especially on front and rear fenders. These areas are highly susceptible to rust because they take a lot of bumps, scrapes and dents that expose the underlying metal. When moisture comes into contact with the metal, rust forms. If you have rust on your fenders, it's best to take care of it immediately. Otherwise, it will spread and cause rust holes.

Scrape off the fender rust with a steel wool pad or wire brush. Scrubbing is effective for getting rid of small areas of rust. You can buy wire brushes at any hardware store. .

Combine one part lime juice and two parts salt. Apply the paste to the fender’s rusted areas with a paper towel. Allow it to settle into the rust for two to three hours, suggests the article “Non-Toxic Home Cleaning” on the Earth Easy website.

Scrub off the rust with a scrubbing pad. Wipe the area clean with a damp paper towel.

Apply a rust-inhibiting wax made for automobiles. This provides a protective layer against moisture.

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