How to Fix dents on a car bumper FREE!!!

by braniac

Ever had a deep dent in your plastic bumper, most shops will charge you 200bucks for the parts, and about 120ish for the paint and install, why pay when u can fix them for free.

NOTE: This fix will only fix most deep dents, non ripped, non crack plastic bumpers

Place towels on a flat surface long ways for the bumper to rest

Remove the bumper cover(bumper) off of your vehicle and lay it on top of the towel, this will prevent you from sliding the bumper on the floor making scratch marks

heat up the surface where you are going to pop out for about 2-5mins till the surface is hot and easy to push back out using a blow dryer may take longer

after u push the surface out, soak the rag in the bucket of ice water then super cool the surface.

check the surface and it should be at least 90% back into place

install the cover back on car


  • check !Call a buddy to help you push the surface out, sometimes 4 hands are better than 2
  • check !If having problems you can use a rubber mallet as a tool to help u push it out
  • check -Its free so close to original is better than paying over 300bucks for a new bumper


  • close !If you are fixing the bumper for insurance reasons, let a body shop do the repair, insurance fraud is a crime. !Wear gloves when working with hot surface so you wont burn yourself

Items you will need

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