How to Find Original Factory Auto Paint

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Whether you are restoring a classic car or just trying to fix a scratch on your vehicle, the best match is always going to be the original factory auto paint. Use to steps to find it.

Write down all the information for the vehicle. This should include the make, model, year, color, VIN number and any special classifications, such as SS. Note the paint code, which you should find on the door panel on the driver's side.

Research. This will be pretty easy, you just need to find a couple of the companies that offer original factory auto paint and gather information from their sites. One such company is Automotive Touchup.

Gather information. You will want to contact more than one company to compare prices and color combinations to ensure you are getting the correct color. You also need to consider quantity depending on whether you are doing a touch-up or an entire paint job

Order what you need. Order your auto paint, but before putting it on the vehicle, do a test match somewhere hidden or on a spare part you have of the vehicle. This is your final chance to match the paint. Be sure you are aware of the matching policy of the company you purchased your paint from, in case there is a problem with the color.

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