How to Fill Airbags on a Motorhome

by Allen Moore

Most motor homes are so heavy that the suspension needs additional help to keep the wheels in proper contact with the ground over rough roads while keeping the chassis from bottoming out on the suspension. That’s where airbags come into play. Positioned between the chassis and leaf springs, the air bags offer an extra layer of buoyancy and shock absorption for the heavy motor home. Just as with the motor homes tires, however, you must maintain proper air pressure at all times for the air bags to work correctly.

Locate the air valve for the air bag system. Common mount areas for air valves include the rear bumper or inside the fuel fill door. If you cannot find yours in either of these places, climb under the motor home, locate the air bags in the rear leaf spring system and follow the rubber air lines to the air valve.

Remove the valve stem cap from the air valve by hand and set it aside where you won’t misplace it.

Set the air pressure in the air bags with the air compressor. You can use either a home compressor or the kind found at some gas stations or truck stops. Reinstall the valve stem cap when done.


  • check The air pressure specification for your particular motor home will vary depending on the type of motor home, gross vehicle weight and particular brand and model of air bag system installed. If there is no specification sticker placed near the valve, look on the air bags themselves or contact your local RV service center for the proper specs before filling the air bag system.

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