Expedition Rear Air Suspension Repair Ideas

by Sasha Maggio
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The Ford Expedition is a large SUV, sport utility vehicle, that seats up to eight passengers. The Expedition has an air suspension system that replaces the traditional spring suspension in vehicles. The air suspensions system is controlled by the engine and deflates when the car is turned off. If the car is left unused for an extended period of time, it deflates the suspension and lowers the vehicle to the ground. Problems with the Ford Expedition air suspension system vary from compressor issues to non-compressor issues and repair ideas depend on individual skills, comfort level and budget.

Compressor Issues

Problems with the air compressor in an Expedition suspension system are among the top issues Expedition owners face. If the vehicle is on and the compressor does not turn on with the engine, the vehicle won't raise up. Mechanics suggest this is usually a faulty part and replacing the compressor is necessary. If the compressor turns on, however, and the vehicle still won't rise, the suspension system should be checked for an air leak before jumping to the conclusion that the compressor is bad.

Dryer Issues

Newer Expeditions sometimes experience the end of the dryer blowing or popping off. This is rarely a compressor issue. The dryer parts on some models were manufactured with a different type of plastic that doesn't hold very well, resulting in the end popping off. Replacing the dryer is a less-expensive repair approach before deciding the compressor has to be replaced.

Warning Lights

Some Expeditions have an intermittent "Check Suspension" warning light come on, but it does not stay on. The owner can bring the Expedition to his Ford dealer or mechanic to have the warning light code checked, which is advisable if the vehicle is under warranty. Alternatively, the power getting to the compressor may be disrupted, usually by a broken or faulty power line. The compressor relay may also be affected by corrosion, causing the intermittent warning light.

Uneven Rear Suspension

Ford Expeditions have two sensors in the front of the vehicle suspension to help balance the vehicle's lift: one sensor on each side at the front. The rear, however, has only one sensor. This can lead to an uneven rise in the rear of the vehicle. Usually this is a sign that one side of the rear suspension leaks air more than the other, resulting in the vehicle leaning to one side at the back. Like tires and brake pads, the air suspension "springs" should be replaced in pairs; if one leaks now, the other usually isn't far behind.

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