Duramax Injector Problems

by Paul Cartmell

The Duramax diesel engine is produced by General Motors for use in its Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra diesel pickup trucks. The Duramax 6600 was introduced into the U.S. diesel pickup market in 2000.


The Duramax diesel injector uses eight Bosch manufactured fuel injectors. Solenoid injectors allow fuel to be injected directly into cylinders at intervals throughout each cylinder stroke.


A problem disclosed by General Motors concerning Duramax fuel injectors is high fuel return. Where an engine has a symptom of high fuel return, General Motors recommends the replacement of all eight fuel injectors by a qualified GM technician.

Injector Bodies

Duramax diesel fuel engines can also have problems including cracked injector bodies and ball seat erosion. A cracked injector body can result in the Service Engine Soon lamp illuminating and loss of power.

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