How to Dump Black Water in a Travel Trailer

by Mark Robinson

Sewage waste from the toilet in your travel trailer is stored in a black water tank. This tank is located underneath the trailer, and it requires dumping once it becomes 75 percent full. Learning how to properly dump black water from your travel trailer can help make road trips and campsite stays much easier to deal with. Additives are usually added to the black water tank in order to control odor and make it easier to dump the contents from the tank.

Find the black water tank drain port on the travel trailer. This port is normally located underneath the trailer on the same side as the toilet and near the black water tank.

Remove the cap from the drain port. Attach one end of the RV sewer hose to the drain port, making sure that the hooks on the end lock onto the tabs on the drain port.

Feed the RV sewer hose to the dump hole. Attach the drain fitting onto the other end of the hose and place it into the dump hole.

Locate the drain release lever near the black water tank drain port and open it. The tank will proceed to dump its contents. Close the drain after you stop hearing the black water draining from the tank.

Detach the RV sewer hose from the drain port. Use a garden hose to flush out any remaining black water residue from inside the hose. When finished, disconnect the drain fitting and remove the hose from the dump hole.


  • close Always keep black water away from your skin or any open wounds or cuts. In case of contact, thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected area immediately.

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