What Is a Cowboy Shower in a Horse Trailer?

by Karin Barga
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A shower placed in the horse compartment of a gooseneck horse trailer is often referred to as a "cowboy shower" because it is big enough for a cowboy--and not much else.

Types of Cowboy Showers

A cowboy shower takes up very little space when not in use, can be used anywhere, and doesn't require water or electric hookup. Cowboy showers can be as simple as a bucket of water or as elaborate as shower mats, water pumps, propane tanks and a water-storage container. Decide which option is best-suited to your needs.

Cowboy Shower Huts

Available in camping supply stores are items such as shower huts or tepees, which are self-supporting enclosures that can be set up anywhere. These products are about 4 feet wide, include storage bags for personal-hygiene items, and have detachable floors. Shower huts are an economical and hygienic option; however, a water supply still must be provided.

Hot Water Options

While shopping at your camping supply store, you will also find hot tap shower systems that will help you enjoy hot-water comfort inside your horse trailer. With these portable showers, water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit can be available in less than one minute. These systems contain battery-operated, high-pressure pumps that can be immersed in any available water source. Using batteries and propane, you can generate up to 25 hot five-minute showers.

Primitive Showers

A more primitive camping shower consists of a 2 1/2 gallon plastic bag, clear on one side and black on the other. You will also need a cord to hang the bag and a spout with a water-flow controller. Before heading out for a horseback ride, fill the plastic bag with water and lay it clear side up in the sun so the black side can absorb the sun's heat. When you return from your ride, hang the plastic bag and enjoy a hot shower.

Shower Kits

Camping shower kits are available at outdoors and department stores. The cost of building your own cowboy shower can range from $5 to more than $200 depending on the options you prefer. Shop around and see what best suits your needs.

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