How to Drive a Lamborghini

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Drivers who have been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini will likely note the difference in performance with other sports cars. The typical Lamborghini has a 12-valve engine and a manual transmission that requires a fine touch to maximize power. You can drive a Lamborghini by understanding the intricate workings of these expensive vehicles.

Learn the intricacies of different Lamborghini driver and passenger-side doors. Some models feature a traditional door that swings outward while newer models utilize doors that swing upward on a pivot.

Locate a test track in your region that allows you to get your Lamborghini up to speed, without legal concerns. Many racetracks have open-track opportunities during the professional circuit's off-season, allowing local drivers to test out their vehicles.

Try out the paddle-shift transmission as you drive a new Lamborghini to squeeze every bit of power out of the engine. This semi-automatic transmission allows a driver to demand a shift in gears from the engine, with the vehicle responding through a system of sensors. A trip around the block can help you test out the paddle shift adequately.

Check every mirror and window from the driver's seat of a Lamborghini to acclimate to the car's unique body style. Lamborghini engineers keep their vehicles low to the ground for better aerodynamics. The window angles are shallower than competing sports cars, preventing wind shear.

Keep an eye on sharp turns, and avoid pushing too hard on the steering wheel as you drive. Lamborghinis do not offer the stability control systems that are available in lower-priced consumer vehicles.

Limit the number of passengers, suitcases and other items in your Lamborghini to get the best performance. You can utilize the back seat as a storage space for light items, increasing your fuel efficiency and decreasing strain on your engine.

Take an experienced Lamborghini driver along with you as you drive these vehicles. Someone who has been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini can give you insight into hidden features and ways to increase performance during your initial drive.


  • check Adjust gradually to the sound and feel of a powerful Lamborghini engine. You should avoid the temptation to put the pedal to the metal and test out Lamborghini engines that produce between 540 and 670 horsepower. The engine noise can be intense for new drivers, and you can preserve fuel when you drive deliberately.

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