How to Get Dried Hairspray Off Leather Car Seats

by Jenny Carver

Whether you are a driver on the go who applies a lot of hairspray while in your car, or you’ve had a container of hairspray leak onto your leather car seats, you know it’s difficult to remove the sticky mess. Some products for cleaning car upholstery are not safe to use on leather, and most leather cleaners aren’t strong enough to get dried hairspray off the seats. You can remove the hairspray using a few simple materials.

Step 1

Use a terrycloth towel dampened with very warm water to wipe the hairspray off the leather seats. Be sure to wet the entire area covered in hairspray. Scrub the area with the towel to loosen the hairspray.

Step 2

Apply more very warm water to the seats and use a scrub brush to gently scrub the dried hairspray off the seats. Scrub until all of the hairspray is gone. Dry the leather with a clean towel.

Step 3

Wipe leather cleaner over the area using a terrycloth towel. This cleans the leather and any bits of hairspray that remain.

Step 4

Use a dime-size amount of leather conditioner on the area that you cleaned, working it in with a clean terrycloth towel. Let the leather dry naturally.

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