What Is Double Din Mounting?

by Brad Yach
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Stereos and their mounting adapters come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of vehicles. In addition, some stereos are larger than others because they have dual CD-tape player combos, navigation systems or DVD players. To buy a new stereo for your car, you need to know what size unit will fit your vehicle.

Din Explained

In the world of aftermarket car stereos, din is the term used to describe the size of the stereo -- specifically the height. Single-din stereos are the thinnest and measure 2 1/8 by 7 1/8 inches. Double-din is equivalent to two single-din units stacked on top of each other and 1.5 din is right in the middle. Select a stereo that will fit in your dash. You can downsize from a 1.5- or double-din space, using mounting and faceplate adapters, but you won't be able to use a double-din radio in a single-din slot without major modifications to your dash.

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