What Is Done During a Fuel Injection Service?

by Justin Cupler

Many automotive products have claimed to perform wonderful things for cars. Most of these have come and gone, but one has stayed because it has held up to all of its claims. This service is known as a Fuel Injection Service, also commonly called a Three Step or Fuel Induction Service.


Fuel injection service is designed to restore your vehicle's fuel mileage back to what it was when the vehicle was new by cleaning out the carbon deposits which block the flow of air and fuel. It will restore a smoother idle and a much smoother acceleration. A fuel injection service can also prolong the life of other parts of your car as it keep them clean and free of sticky carbon deposits.


Inside this tube is miles-per-gallon-robbing carbon.

A good mechanic can complete the service properly in approximately one hour. He will add a fuel system cleaner into your fuel tank, open up the intake and scrub the throttle body with a solution. The mechanic will run a vacuum line directly into the intake manifold of your vehicle. A slow steady drip, similar to an IV, will flow through the intake cleaning all of the carbon deposits from the engine. In some cases, there will also be an aerosol can attached to the fuel rail with a solution designed to clean the rail.

How it Works

Clean valves allow for a smooth flow of air and exhaust.

The main component of the fuel injection service is the IV drip into the intake manifold. This drip contains a chemical designed to dissolve the carbon deposits in the engine and allow the car to burn it off. This chemical runs through the intake, into the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, into the valve train and is finally burned during combustion. The only place that the drip cannot get to is the fuel injectors. In that case, the fuel injector cleaner that was added to the tank takes care of the injectors as the aerosol cleaner takes care of the fuel rail.

Why Does it Work

A fuel injection service improves performance and fuel economy in many ways. When it is hot, carbon buildup is a sticky substance that causes valves to not open precisely when they should. Carbon build up also restricts the flow of fuel, air and exhaust. Once everything is cleared up, the car will perform as close to new as possible.


A clean engine makes for a happy car and driver.

Many times people assume that if their car is running smoothly, it does not need this service. Your car's performance slowly declines over time, so you may be used to the reduced performance and might not even notice the decline. The fuel injection service keeps your vehicle running properly. It is easier to prevent the buildup if you have this service done every year, as opposed to trying to clean up many years of deposits.

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