Dodge Neon Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

by Maikeisha Cuyler
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The automatic transmission of your Dodge Neon may begin to make a loud whining or grinding noise. You will need to perform a few troubleshooting steps to correct it. A central processing unit known as the powertrain control module, or PCM, supports the automatic transmission system of your Dodge Neon, acting as a part of your the Onboard Diagnostic System. It will alert you when there is a problem; look for the indicator light to flash on when your transmission malfunctions. Performing the recommended maintenance steps will help ensure your transmission operates properly.

Step 1

Check the level of the transmission fluid by using the dipstick. Be sure that the transmission fluid reservoir is at least half full. Also, check the condition of the transmission filter. Change if needed.

Step 2

Cover the brake and start the ignition while leaving the gear in "Park." Allow car to idle before taking a short drive on the highway. If you were not allowed to move gear from "Park," then you will need to ask a mechanic to check your gear selector cable and brake lock solenoid.

Step 3

Maintain a steady speed while on the highway. Stay in the right lane. If you notice that the gear slips or fades in and out while operating your Neon at a steady speed, then you will need to check that the friction material on the transmission clutch discs have not worn out. Replace discs if needed.

Step 4

Make a turn to exit the highway. If you hear noises or the transmission is not shifting out of the first gear, then you will need to replace the fuses of the PCM, vehicle speed sensor, or second gear control solenoid.

Allow car to idle, making sure the gear is left in "Park." Check the pan underneath the car for leaks. If you find a leak, you will need to ask a mechanic to repair the driveshaft seal, input shaft seal, and pan gasket.

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