How to Check the Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Honda Odyssey

by Shelly Schumacher
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Checking the automatic transmission fluid in a Honda Odyssey is an important step in keeping the transmission operating properly. The fluid deteriorates over time from heat and the friction of the internal parts. Transmissions create heat quickly. Too much heat will make the fluid deteriorate faster. Low fluid levels or burnt fluid can cause premature transmission failure, which is a very costly repair. Checking transmission fluid in your Honda Odyssey is a quick and easy job that requires neither tools nor an extensive automotive background.

Step 1

Start the Honda Odyssey, and move it to a level surface. The surface must be level so you can get an accurate fluid reading.

Step 2

Warm the vehicle to a normal operating temperature by allowing the engine to idle. Once it is warmed up, turn off the vehicle.

Step 3

Lift the engine hood, and secure it with the hood prop.

Step 4

Pull the transmission dipstick out of the tube, and clean the fluid off with a rag. The dipstick has a yellow loop on the top and is on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Step 5

Slide the dipstick back into the tube, ensuring that it is pushed in completely so you can obtain an accurate reading.

Step 6

Pull the dipstick back out of the tube. Examine the location of the fluid level on the dipstick. The fluid level should be between the two holes at the end of the dipstick. According to the 2000 Honda Odyssey owner's manual, "If the level is below the lower mark, add fluid to bring it to the upper mark."

Step 7

Remove the transmission fluid fill plug, and pour fluid a small amount of fluid into the reservoir.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to ensure the fluid level is adequate. If not, repeat Step 7 and then recheck until the fluid is at the proper level.

Step 9

Insert the dipstick back into the tube, and close the engine hood.

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