Dodge 4.7L Specs

by Tim McQuade
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Chrysler manufactured the 4.7-liter, liquid-cooled gasoline engine, also called the Powertech, from 1999 to 2013. It was used in Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles, including the Chrysler Aspen; Dodge Dakota, Ram, Durango and Nitro; and Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Commander; and Mitsubishi Raider. The first generation 4.7L engine was released in 1999, followed by two updates, released in 2002 and 2008, respectively.

First Generation Specifications

The engine displacement is 4.701 cu.-cm., or 287 cu.-in. The bore by stroke is 3.66 by 3.4 inches. The compression ratio is 9.5 to 1. Maximum engine speed is 6,000 rpm and top horsepower is 235 at 4,600 rpm. Torque ranges slightly among models, from 290 to 305 foot-lbs. Fuel efficiency is approximately 16 miles per gallon. The engine valve system is chain driven and uses a single overhead camshaft design with two valves per cylinder, totaling 16 valves. The valve system uses a hydraulic end-pivot roller rockers system. The fuel injection system uses a sequential, multi-port electronic injection design. The block is made of cast iron and the heads are an aluminum alloy. The bed plate is made of a compacted graphite iron. Total oil capacity is 6 quarts.

Second and Third Generation Specifications

The next generation of the 4.7L carries the initials "H. O.," for High Output. This iteration has a horsepower rating of 265 horsepower and torque of 330 foot-lbs. The final version of the 4.7L, the "Corsair," debuted with 290 horsepower and 320 foot-lbs of torque. Most of the engine specifications and performance numbers are the same among all three generations, but Chrysler did make some modifications. For the latest version, the compression ratio was increased to 9.8 to 1, and both of the two later versions feature improved camshaft pistons, cylinder heads and intake manifold.

Vehicle Performance Numbers

Different vehicles recorded varied performance numbers using the 4.7 Liter Corsair engine: the 2008 Dodge Dakota recorded a power output of 302 horsepower at 5,650 rpm and a torque output of 329 foot-lbs. at 3,950 rpm; the 2008 Aspen or Durango had a top horsepower or 303 at 5,650 rpm and a top torque of 330 foot-lbs. at 3,950 rpm; the 2008 Grand Cherokee/Commander had a top horsepower of 305 at 5,650 rpm and a top torque of 334 foot-lbs. at 3,950 rpm; and the 2008 Dodge Ram had a top horsepower of 310 at 5,650 rpm and a max torque of 329 foot-lbs. at 3,950 rpm.

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