Do it Yourself Camper Tie Downs

by Breann Kanobi
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If you wish to attach a camper to your pickup truck, you will need camper tiedowns. Tiedowns limit your camper's mobility to keep it secure. Though you can buy camper tiedowns online or at stores that sell equipment designed for RVs or campers, you can also make your own. Do-it-yourself camper tiedowns allow you to save money and customize the devices to match your truck, mood or favorite color.

Step 1

Make a belly bar for your truck by welding chains onto a 2-inch square tube. Mount this to your truck's frame. You can use L-brackets to bolt holes into the frame, then bolt the brackets into the tube. If your truck already has a belly bar, you can skip this step.

Step 2

Attach swivel bolts to the four corners of your camper. Make sure to use strong bolts that can handle the weight of your camper. If you are unsure of the strength of your bolts, consult employees at your local hardware store. These swivel bolts create attachment points that make the camper more secure.

Step 3

Connect camper bars and belly bar turnbuckles to the four ends of the camper using your cable.

Step 4

Double-check to make sure everything is secure.

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