What Do They Use for Exhaust Packing?

by Chris Gilliland

Exhaust Packing Material

Exhaust packing is typically made from long strand fiberglass matting or textured strands. On occasion, a thin layer of stainless steel wool is wrapped around the inner baffle, or core, within the muffler. The fiberglass packing acts as a layer of insulation, much like the insulation used in the walls of your home, and is used to absorb a generous amount of sound created within the muffler.

Benefits of Exhaust Packing

Exhaust packing is designed to maximize the performance of your exhaust pipe in two ways. First, packing quiets down the rumble of your exhaust system by forcing the escaping gases to pass through the thick layers of fiberglass. The sound waves generated by the motor are trapped and absorbed within the matting, reducing the actual amount of sound emitted. Secondly, the exhaust packing supports the inner core of the exhaust pipe, which runs across the length of the muffler, isolating it from excessive vibration that could damage it over time.

Replacing Exhaust Packing

After a while, the packing material within your pipes deteriorates,often due to being burnt off by the heat generated by the escaping gases. However, most aftermarket exhaust system manufacturers offer a replacement kit to allow for easy replacement of the exhaust packing. Generally, the process is able to be performed in a few minutes. First, the end cap of the muffler needs to be removed by drilling out the rivet. After removing any old packing, the new material is then wrapped around the inner core and the end cap is riveted back on, using hardware supplied in the kit.

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