How do I Troubleshoot a Kubota Tractor?

by Ross Glyn
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Kubota tractors are manufactured in Japan. These powerful and highly maneuverable orange tractors have their roots on small Japanese farms. Kubota Tractor Corp. is now the leading distributor of under- 40-horsepower tractors in the United States and offers more than 80 models. When trouble arises with the diesel engine, there are a few basic troubleshooting checks to run through before calling a mechanic.

Step 1

Inspect the battery cables for dirt or breaks. Make sure to use eye protection. Remove the ground (-) cable from the battery first, then the positive (+) cable. Clean the battery posts using a pocketknife. Replace the battery cables, positioning the positive cable first.

Step 2

Check the fuel filter if the engine cranks but will not start. The filter can clog up quickly working in the elements. Dust and water can find their way into the system. Replace the fuel filter if necessary.

Step 3

Check the radiator if the engine is overheating. During very dry and dusty weather, the airflow can get restricted through the radiator. Blow air through the radiator's metal fins using compressed air.

Step 4

Check the crankcase and cylinders for water. This can create a hydraulic lock in the system. Remove the glow plugs and turn the engine over by hand. This will expel any water in the system. Pour in fresh oil and replace the filter. Re-install the glow plugs. Start the engine. If it runs normally, change the oil twice again at one-hour intervals.

Smell the gas tank for a gasoline odor. If you detect gasoline that has been mixed into the diesel, drain the tank as soon as you can. Flush the fuel system thoroughly.

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