How to Troubleshoot a Yamaha Timberwolf

by Brianna Collins
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Discontinued in 2000, the Yamaha Timberwolf was a utility ATV that Yamaha manufactured to be capable of heavy-duty work and trail riding. In its final year, the quad featured a 229.6 cc engine that took unleaded fuel as a main fuel source. The ATV also featured NGK D7EA spark plugs, a capacitive discharge ignition system, and a 12 volt, 12 ampere-hour battery. Problems with any of these systems could result in trouble with starting and running the 2000 Timberwolf, and Yamaha recommended a number of troubleshooting steps to deal with these simple repairs.


Step 1

If there is no fuel, refill with unleaded gasoline and restart the engine.

Step 2

If there is some fuel, turn the fuel cock to "RES" and restart the engine. If it will not start, proceed to the next step.

If there is an adequate amount of fuel, turn the fuel cock off and remove the fuel pipe. Check the fuel flow. If there is no fuel, it is likely that the fuel cock is clogged. Clean the fuel cock and restart the engine.


Step 1

The ignition must be dry before troubleshooting. If it is wet, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Step 2

Once the ignition is dry, ensure that the spark plug cap is attached and connected to the chassis to ensure proper grounding. Use the electric starter. If the spark is good, then there is no problem with the ignition system.

Step 3

If the spark is weak, tighten the spark plug gap to between 0.03 and 0.04 inches. Try the starter again. If it is still weak, replace the spark plugs.

If there is no spark, there is a problem with the ignition system, and the 2000 Timberwolf should be taken to a Yamaha dealer for inspection.


Step 1

Using the electric starter, check to see if there is compression.

Step 2

If there is compression, then there is no problem with this system.

If there is no compression, this may be the cause of problems. Take the quad to a dealer and have them inspect the compression system.


Step 1

Use the engine starter and observe how quickly the engine turns over. If it turns over quickly, the battery is working properly.

Step 2

If the engine turns over slowly, check battery fluid, recharge the battery and ensure that all connections are tight. Try starting the quad again.

If the engine still turns over slowly, replace the battery.

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